The history of Stellenzicht dates back to 1692, when it was part of a much bigger property granted to the first owner, Barendt Hendrikse, by Governor Simon van der Stel, in an area that would later become known as the Stellenbosch district. He named the property Rustenburg although there was already a farm with the same name, but spelt Rustenberg.

One can well imagine the confusion the similarity in the names created. According to local legend, the two owners met one evening in a pub in Stellenbosch. When both were rather deep in their cups, they agreed to flip a coin to decide who would have the right to the name. 

Award-winning Stellenzicht reserves its Golden Triangle label for those wines which most eloquently demonstrate the unique terroir of this special part of the Helderberg, home to some of South Africa’s most exceptional wines.

In winemaker Guy Webber’s view, what all the wines from this area have in common is balance. The name chosen for this range of wine refers to a triangle in mathematics which is in perfect balance in that its three angles are in a 2:2:1 proportion. The observant will recognise this symbol, known in mathematics as an isosceles triangle, as the one depicted on the labels of this range. This obsession with balance, the Golden Ratio, as found in nature and in the world around us, has for centuries occupied mathematicians, philosophers and artists such as Leonardo da Vinci. The quest for perfect balance is the motivation for the creation of the four wines in this range.

Specialty Range Range

Stellenzicht, founded in 1692, is almost as old as the town of Stellenbosch itself. The farm lies in the heart of the prized Golden Triangle, so named for the outstanding wines from this premier winegrowing area. It lies midway between the Stellenbosch and Helderberg mountains and is cooled by breezes off nearby False Bay. Just as nature provides a balance between sunshine and tempering maritime breezes, so are the wines styled to balance passion with restraint and might with elegance. Each wine exhibits an enduring classical integrity laced with modern generosity of flavour.

Winemaker, Guy Webber, has combined his expertise with Shiraz and his love of Pinotage to produce Rhapsody, which melds the outstanding characteristics of both these varietals to create a new wine that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Plum Pudding Hill Shiraz

Perfume on nose reveals sweet leather, black plums and Christmas cake. Heady alcohol is noticeable, but well-integrated in the large frame of the wine that has now softened to an accessible, mature Syrah.


Full-bodied Pinotage and Shiraz blend with rich and complex aromas. Perfectly balanced with flavours of ripe red fruit and nuances of black pepper and oak spices.

Semillon Reserve

Golden straw with green hue. Grassy elements with lime and lanolin. Youthful nose possesses fresh citrus, greengage, blossoms and candied pineapple.

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Physical address: Stellenzicht Vineyards, Stellenrust Road, off the R44 between Stellenbosch and Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa

GPS coordinates: S 33º 59′ 50.0″  E 018º 51′ 59.8″

Tel: +27 (0) 21 880 1103

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