The name of Uitkyk “look out” given to the estate is most appropriate. Situated on the southwestern slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain, the farm looks out across the Cape Flats to Table Mountain in the distance. It is a splendid setting for the striking and magnificent homestead on the property. 

Historians believe the designer of the homestead could have been the French architect, Louis Michel Thibault, who abandoned a career as a designer of military fortifications to devote himself to the graceful embellishment of the local burgher (resident) architecture.  Built in 1788, during the ownership of Johan David Beyers, to whom the property had been transferred to Martin Melck, it bears a strong likeness to the well-known Martin Melck House in Strand Street, Cape Town.

It is thus highly possible that the same architect, J C Herzendosch, could have been involved in Uitkyk’s design. The fine neo-classical front door that carries the outline of Table Mountain; a design repeated on all the inner doors of the splendidly restored homestead, is attributed to renowned sculptor, Anton Anreith.  The 18th century Georgian neo-classical double-story house completed in 1788 is one of only three such houses left in the country.

Uitkyk Picnics

Sip on Uitkyk’s wines, while enjoying an opulent Georgian picnic basket consisting of artisan breads, cheeses, pâté’s, olives, a charcuterie selection, smoked salmon, fruit and decadent chocolate brownies.

Silver Trees and Owls

A threatened tree species belonging to the Protea family has been found on the estate – the majestic Silver Tree Leucadendron argenteum, which obtains its name from the distinctive shiny silver leaves it bears. This species has in recent times lost 55 % of its habitat and 74 % of its population size. Most of the habitat loss is due to urbanization and agricultural expansions, making it imperative that it is protected and maintained where it still occurs in farmland corridors. Typically the Silver Tree grows in concentrated stands and has a preference for slopes less affected by wild fires. At Uitkyk the trees are found in a narrow band. The survival of this species remains under material threat. Scientists have predicated the next 15 years as being most significant, in preventing this endangered beauty from reaching extinction.

Uitkyk is almost 600 ha in size with over 300 ha set aside for conservation. The vineyards are located on higher slopes which are dissected by four deep gorges that create natural corridors between them. These corridors enable small game and predators to move freely across the property. The estate has quite a large wetland area. The alien vegetation has been removed which has allowed the re-establishment of indigenous grasses. The team improved the water flow in the wetland and created an ideal habitat for owl species which prefer to hunt in the long grass.

The owl project is part of a larger program to re-establish a balance between predator and prey on the farm. In addition to guinea fowl, the estate has caracal that assist in keeping the number of duiker and grysbok in check. These small antelope find the young vine shoots irresistible and create considerable damage to the vineyards in spring. The team at the estate harness natural methods of crop protection in order to reduce the need for chemical interventions as far as possible. A principle of working with nature and not against it has been adopted.

Glass Memoires

The wine has a rich complexity with a pale yellow tint. Lively fine bubbles give the wine a zesty and fresh palate. Lime fruit and baked bread melds together to give this wine a rich complexity. Capturing the romance and opulence of times gone by, this luxury Méthode Cap Classique is produced from premium grapes exclusively from the Uitkyk estate. The many milestones in Uitkyk’s captivating 300-year history have been celebrated and preserved forever as etchings in the glass windowpanes of the grand entrance. Glass Memoires is a tribute to momentous moments and occasions worth remembering.

Uitkyk Range: 


A discerning range of captivating wines that reflect the romance of time; just as the estate’s legacy of over 300 years of triumph, love, loss and winemaking are forever etched in the glass windowpanes on either side of the Manor House’s grand entrance.


Uitkyk Shiraz is an intense flavour wine brimming with traditional Shiraz aromas. This well integrated wine is superb on its own or with any red meat dish.


The nose is led by blackcurrant, backed by mocha and vanilla, creating a well-rounded and velvety Pinotage, finished off with ripe tannins.

Sauvignon Blanc 

The bouquet flaunts elegant Sauvignon Blanc aromas. This wine is delicious on its own or with fish, chicken, cold meat or salads.


Uitkyk Chardonnay is a medium to full bodied wine matured in oak barrels for a few months. This elegant wine shows a fine balance between butterscotch and caramel resulting in an appealing complex wine.

Chenin Blanc

Uitkyk Chenin is a medium to full bodied wine and has been matured in oak barrels for a few months. This elegant wine shows off a fine balance of multi-faceted flavours.

Glass Memoires 

The wine has a rich complexity with a pale yellow tint. Lively fine bubbles give the wine a zesty and fresh palate. Lime fruit and baked bread blends together to give this wine a rich and complex flavour profile.

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