Cutting edge sustainable endeavours and untamed winemaking reign supreme at Waterkloof, a foremost Helderberg estate, recognised for its dedicated biodynamic approach and environmentally responsible farming. 

An officially certified biodynamic bastion, this awe-inspiring estate on the Schapenberg hill outside Somerset West unlocks nature’s true potential in the most natural way with honest wines that speak of elegance, vitality and individuality. 

The wines are shaped by an amphitheatre of organically farmed vineyards, famed as one of the finest cool climate wine growing sites in South Africa. Here diverse soils, fanned by the cooling breezes of the nearby ocean, ensure perfect conditions for slow ripening, allowing the grapes to develop their intense flavours, complexity and finesse.

Waterkloof currently produces four wine collections: Its flagship Waterkloof range which comprises a Sauvignon Blanc that epitomises their decade-long goal of producing pure, inimitable and world-class wines; the Circle of Life Red and White duo which encapsulates the ultimate essence of Waterkloof’s terroir and farming philosophy; the elegantly expressive site specific Circumstance range and its Seriously Cool range, which features a seriously cool Cinsault and Chenin Blanc, hailing from some of the oldest vineyards in Stellenbosch. 

Waterkloof’s sister company, False Bay Vineyards, produces two collections: the earlier drinking, yet refined Peacock Wild Ferment range, named after the brightly plumed birds conspicuous in and around Waterkloof’s vineyards and the False Bay wine range of easy-drinking yet quality driven wines of real individual character at an affordable, everyday price.

Winemaker Nadia Barnard and her team focus their efforts on the vineyards to produce the best quality grapes and follow a minimalist approach in the state-of-the-art gravitational cellar. Expertly designed, the cellar is both ultra-modern and geared for traditional winemaking practices such as open top, wooden fermenters for red wines; whole bunch pressing for white wines to guarantee gentle extraction, and the use of gravity to avoid excessive pumping of the wine. In pursuit of more individually styled wines, Waterkloof relies only on naturally present, wild yeasts during fermentation.

Waterkloof’s signature ‘restaurant in the sky’ is stylishly appointed in a 10 metre high glass promontory flowing from the slick tasting lounge and gravitational cellar, where sophisticated contemporary classics marry elegant wines for an elevated food and wine experience. 

Here food is art, calling for unhurried appreciation of classical cuisine cooked in an eco-conscious style with a whimsical edge. Chef Gregory Czarnecki draws inspiration from the restaurant’s spectacular setting, with an eagle’s view of False Bay. The restaurant’s open plan kitchen emphasises the Waterkloof winemaking philosophy of honesty and transparency.

Contact details

Telephone: 021 858 1292

Web: www.waterkloofwines.co.za

Facebook: Waterkloof Wines

Twitter: @WaterkloofWines